Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rub-on Tip from Ranjini Malhotra

One thing I love about Jenni's rubons is how easy they are to use - they go on like butter. I used the silver damask background rub-on single to make this card. This is how I created the white space that forms the heart in the center of the card:

1) Use a chipboard shape of your choice. I used one of Jenni's chipboard hearts.

2) Carefully peel the rub on up from the background and slowly slide the chipboard heart onto the backing sheet, being careful not to allow the rubon to touch the chipboard until you have it centered exactly where you want it (in this case - I placed the chipboard right on the center of the backing sheet).
3) Apply the rubon ONLY to the chipboard heart, being careful not to apply pressure directly onto the backing sheet.
4) When you are sure the rubon has transferred only to the chipboard, carefully lift the backing sheet up, using a craft knife if needed to trim the rough edges around the heart. You can set the heart aside to use in another project.
5) Now you should have a heart shaped space on the rubon sheet with the damask background surrounding the heart.
6) Place the damask background on a white cardstock and apply to create the background of your wedding card.
7) Embellish with a photo, a bit of bling, and a penciled sentiment, and voila, you have a quick and beautiful card!

You can try this with any of the background and any chipboard shape that will fit under the rubon sheet.

Gorgeous! and such a clever idea! Thanks for the inspiration Ranjini!
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