Sunday, July 5, 2009

Butterfly Mobile

This mobile is very quick and easy and would make a perfect addition any any room in your home.
The supplies you will need are as follows: Chipboard shapes* I used the JBS chipboard butterflies for my mobile, JBS patterned paper, sewing thread, small hole punch or awl, buttons of various sizes, any other embellishments you would like to use.

To start off, decide how long you want your mobile to hang down. I used three JBS chipboard butterflies for mine. Decorate them as you wish. Take your hole punch or awl and punch small holes at the TOP and the BOTTOM of the chipboard shapes. Your sewing thread will be going through this.

Next, put the sewing thread through the top hole in the piece of chipboard that will hang at the top of your mobile and tape the thread into place on the back.

After the string is attached to the first piece of chipboard, thread some buttons onto the string. Doesn't matter what size or color, just choose to your liking! After threading your number of choice of buttons, thread on the next piece of chipboard to be hanging in the mobile, and continue in the same process adding buttons and chipboard.

When you come to the end of the string, you can just tie on another button or embellishment of your choice and you have just created your very own mobile.
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