Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine by Cheryl Ametewee

my husband, while being sweet and kind and very helpful on a day-to-day basis, is not exactly what you would call a romantic. and because of that, i know that our valentine's day is not going to be one full of roses and boxes of chocolate and fancy restaurants (something i'm ok with, as long as he at least acknowledges the day). knowing this, i knew that i was going to have to come up with something for valentine's day that didn't cost alot and that actually meant something. so when he mentioned the other day that i needed to put up more photos of our wedding on the walls of our apartment, i knew that that's what i would make to give him for the big love day: a wedding photo decorated with art supplies to go up in our living room.
to create this project, i didn't want to just use the traditional valentine's day red and pink...partially because i want it to last longer than just a holiday, partially because it's for a man and those just aren't nate's colors, and a little bit because i've always loved non-traditional takes on holiday color mixes. so i instead painted the clipboard (from michael's) using leftover blue wall paint from my latest home-decor project. once the paint dried, i added the photo, making it hang over the edge just a little to give it visual interest, and used jenni's letter stickers for the title.

the banner was created by taking jenni's crepe ribbon, twisting and glue dotting it into a clothesline-type effect over the photo to hang the new banner stickers from, before adding the I LOVE U on top with her new small round letter stickers.

last, i added small strips of the turquoise mini papers to the bottom of the photo...held on by masking tape to mute the colors a little, and added the 3 butterflies in flight across the page.
the end result is a pretty simple piece of art that i think my husband will like because it means something to us and is something we can keep forever. much better than a box of chocolates that would be consumed within minutes...:)

Thanks for the sweet inspiration Cheryl!
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  1. This is so neat, Cheryl! I love the paint and the alphas look gorgeous with that color!

  2. this is GORGEOUS! definitely better than a box of chocolates. :)