Thursday, August 16, 2012

JBS Summer Games: Triathlon

Today we're competing in the triathlon! Yep, you guessed it, competing in the triathlon means you get to work out your triangular skills - flex those TRIceps! Triangles are so popular right now as you have probably noticed - and I just love them! Look at Pinterest and you can get so much inspiration. I was inspired by this piece (The link to the original artwork is broken. If you know who the artist is please let me know in the comments). I really loved how the triangles were various sizes aligned in an imperfect manner - which I think is a cool take for a triangle layout because you usually see them arranged in a straight geometric way. If you wanted to make something more similar to the inspiration piece, how fun would it be to combine triangles as masks to use with mist (or gesso) and then layer patterned paper triangles over the top?

Also, you will notice I created a visual triangle with my triangles :) I tried to use at least three of the same patterns arranged in a triangle throughout the collage - like the three black triangles, see how they're spaced out?

I wanted to use summer brights for this page and of course, I aways want to use Jenni Bowlin Studio whenever I can! So I remembered my experiments with re-coloring JBS Digital and knew this layout would be the perfect time to pull out the papers I had already made and printed a while back. I mixed my brights with two patterns from Wren for a dose of eclectic.

This is the Tangerine Dream Collection available at the JBS Digi Shoppe at Jessica Sprague. The floral I worked with is the 5th pattern to the right as well as the aqua polka dot next to it.

Here are some of the results I got from replacing the original colors. Design team member Betsy Sammarco created the two tone pink and orange floral from the Digital Tangerine Dream Collection, the one I've shown you in the center, which was originally aqua and orange. Inspired by Betsy's new colorway, I wanted to try this too! I'm kinda partial to the black one.

I made the new colors in Photoshop Elements 7 by using the commands -> Enhance -> Adjust Color -> Replace Color. Using the Replace Color command, I was able to change the leaves and flowers any color I wanted! But using the Replace Color command for the background, beginning with a white base, I could only change the background to shades of gray or black (there might be a way to do it - I just skipped to the paint bucket tool because that works for me). Note: if you increase the "fuzziness" (located on the replace color window) it will color the leaves and flowers all the way to the edges better. In order to get the vibrant colors for the background, I used the paint bucket to manually fill in the large area of the background and then zoomed in and filled in the few small areas that were left with the paint bucket again. There aren't many small areas of white left after the initial fill, so it's not very difficult or labor intensive.

I printed my paper on both textured Bazzill and Epson Presentation Paper Matte. The presentation paper creates more vivid and deep colors than the Bazzill - it just depends on the look you want. With the black paper, I wanted it as close to true dark black as I could get and I had excellent results with the presentation paper.

I've shared with you how "paper scrapbookers" can get a real benefit from dabbling in hybrid :) It's worth the extra effort - just look at these florals - are they not insanely gorgeous? It's like making paper with Jenni Bowlin!

Supply List:
Wren - Typing Lesson
Wren - Lace Curtain
JBS Digital Tangerine Dream Collection
Both of the cuts for titlework are Ali Edwards Digital

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  1. beautiful take on the triangle trend!! as always, so inspired by your work :)

  2. Those triangles look so super cool! FAB layout

  3. I so love this page! The title is coolio. :) I know that your tutorial will be much appreciated by many, too!

  4. aiyyyyy! Bri! W.O.W.

    I just can't get over this!

  5. oh my! what an incredible page briana and the papers you created... total perfection!!