Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gift Tags with Becky Novacek

As the holidays approach, one of my favorite things to do is wrap gifts. I love to make the presentation part of the gift. However, because things get crazy busy as Christmas gets closer, many times I wait until the last minute to start wrapping, and end up frustrated and just wrapping my gifts hurriedly without taking the time to make them look pretty. I decided to start early this year and make my tags ahead of time, so last weekend, I sat at my dining room table with three of my friends and we made tags all evening. We each ended up with a little stash, so when we do start wrapping gifts, we'll have a little basketful of custom tags to choose from. I'm actually looking forward to wrapping this year! The beauty of making gift tags from your stash of scrapbooking and crafting supplies, is that you can just use scraps. If you're like me, it's really satisfying to use up those little bits and pieces that might otherwise be tossed out. An added plus, is that I haven't had to buy readymade tags in years.
Thanks for the inspiration Becky!
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  1. SO love this idea....Love your tags. Some of my friends and I are going to a scrapbook retreat....I think it will be a good thing for us to make some Christmas tags. Love this!!!! Thanks.