Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clock redo by Kerry Lynn Yeary

When I received my box of the new JBS release "be our guest" I knew I was going to recover a boutique clock that I have had in my "to do" project box. However, once i placed the paper over the center i realized that the diameter of my clock was about 2" larger than the clock diecut.

Then I remembered that I still had some of the vintage pattern paper left from last month's JBS mercantile add-on kit and decided adding some vintage papers would solve the problem perfectly. I used soft gel medium from Golden, but you could use modge podge as well.

I ripped the papers into 2" x 3" squares {approximately} and then after peeling away the original paper design that was on the clock {it created a ragged and bumpy layer, which gave me a better surface for the gel medium {which will act like a glue} to stick to, you could also sand it a bit instead} I painted a layer of gel medium and then applied a piece of the vintage pattern paper and then another layer of gel medium across the top to seal. then i repeated this pattern as i rotated the clock as seen above until I had covered the entire outer edge.

Here's a nice detail shot of the edging and the die-cut. After the gel medium layers dried i cut a small circular hole in the center of the die-cut with an exacto so i would fit over the clock mechanism {of course i had already removed the clock hands} then i glued it in place.

I love how the paper adds some texture but the muted vintage paper color doesn't distract from the die-cut clock paper. If you can't find a clock to redo you could always buy a clock mechanism from the craft store {they all carry them} and mount it on a few layers of chipboard cut to size.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. WOW! Incredible use of the die cut paper! I didn't realize you could use gel medium as a sealer!

  2. Love the 3D effect that the die-cut circle has, when placed up against that vintage (sewing-pattern coloured) paper. Great green project, KL.

  3. @ caro, thanks!
    @ betsy : yep. i use it this way all of the time :)