Monday, February 28, 2011

March Exclusives!

Here's a peek at March from Michelle McCord! Plus a glimpse at some of our exclusives and vintage items in the main kit this month. We'll have more for you tonight at midnight!

Membership does have it’s benefits. . . Beginning March 1st, JBS Mercantile will offer member’s first rights to purchase Add-On Kits as well as other special additions offered on the 1st of each month. For the first full day of the month, only members will be allowed to purchase the member-Exclusive products. On the 2nd of each month non-members will be offered any of the kits that remain. As is currently the policy, member’s will also have the option to add these items to their monthly kit shipment at little or no additional shipping charge. To make this change a little sweeter, we are also debuting an additional Add-On Kit each month – that’s two add-on options to match your kit each month, both with one-of-a-kind vintage items to boot!
Note on shipping. . . In an effort to provide a more affordable shipping option for our customers, in October we switched to a brand new FedEx product called “Smart Post”. This has made as much as a $4 cost difference domestically for a standard weight box, particularly for our Central and West coast customers. As FedEx continues to work out a few of the kinks, we realize that many of you, particularly the West coast, have experience longer than normal shipping times. We do hope and expect this to be improved in the next couple of months and are watching it closely. Unfortunately, since we started this new shipping process, the weather has not cooperated, and has caused delays, even when your area may have not been directly affected. FedEx is working to enhance this product in several ways and we believe the enhancements along with the significant cost savings will be a better fit for our customers long term. This FedEx product has also allowed us to cap our domestic shipping cost to just $7.25 for any order, anywhere in the country, regardless of how much, or how heavy your order is. So fill up your shopping cart, without filling up your shipping charges!
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