Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Postcards

Wouldn't it be nice to get a unique homemade postcard in the mail?  Why not make one yourself and send it off to someone special?

If you want to send your postcard via US Postal Mail,  you'll need to make your postcards fit within the required size range.  You can find the regulations at this link:  USPS Sizes for Postcards .  My postcards shown are "postcard official", even with the embellishments.

The base of the postcard is a thin chipboard on which I built the front and back of the postcard.  I printed the photos on textured cardstock.

I used two of my very favorite JBS clear stamps on them.  The backsides of the cards are stamped with none other than the Postcard Stamp, a must-have for this project!

The front of the postcard is framed with the Soda Water Label Border Stamp in varying colors.

I LOVE the Soda Water stamp.  The design of the stamp has a circle in the middle that is perfect for embellishing with  little special somethings.  I sewed  sequins and beads on one, glued sequins and pearls on another, and JBS Pearl Flowers on the third.

... and the Soda Water type reminds me of summer, doesn't it?

Try making your own postcards - the recipient will be surprised and thrilled!


Soda Water Label Border Stamp
Postcard Stamp
JBS Pearl Flowers
JBS for Ranger Ink Pads in Speckled Egg, Chicken Feed, Stick Candy, Spice Tin, Weathervane, Chili Powder
sequins, beads, flat pearl

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  1. Those are SO cute Betsy...I love them!

  2. These are very cute! I can see using the soda label stamp as a frame for a picture on my SB page! Thanks for the great idea!