Friday, November 23, 2012

Coca-Cola Santa Memories

Hey everyone!! Corrie here today with one of my Christmas memories!

Now that Thanksgiving has happened, my attention has turned to really focusing on Christmas.  The radio has been fixed to 24-7 Christmas music, the inside of the house is getting decorated, and with much groaning from my hubby, the outdoor lights are ready too.  I love Christmas time.

As my sisters and I have gotten older and had families of our own, my mom has shared some of the decorations we grew up with.  It is cool to have stuff up that I always remember being there.  One of the coolest Christmas decorations we had was a stuffed Coca-Cola Santa.  I did not realize how old he actually was until I pulled out this picture, which was dated 1977.  I was not yet 2 years old.

So the Santa is at least as old as me.  Crazy.  Back in 1977 he was holding a small bottle of Coca-Cola too.  That has been lost for years now.

I used the new Jenni Bowlin Christmas paper, some of her awesome vintage buttons, the bling stars, skinny alphas, and the quilting chipboard pieces along with a little Seed Packet paint dabber.  

And the Santa on this card I cut out of one of the sheets of paper totally reminds me of my Coca-Cola Santa.

So, I must admit, I love this Santa very much, but I do not have him.  I am not really sure how my sister ended up with him, but she did.  I only see him in the pictures she send of her kids with him now.  At least he is still being loved on because he really is very cool.

Have some very Happy Holidays all!!

~ Corrie
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