Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scrap Vintage: Bits & Memories

There are two awesome parts for me about scrapbooking vintage.  The first is all the embellishments.  I just love all the random bits and pieces like buttons, gears, plastic hearts, pins, tags, sewing trinkets, clock hands, ribbons, and this awesome foil stuff Jenni finds.  Wow, this stuff is great.  The papers are fun too, but all the smaller dimensional items are what I cherish the most.  I feel like they really add so much.  Plus they are incredibly special because no one else (or not many others) will have them.

The other part of scrapping vintage, which really is more important than the pieces, are the memories that stir up.  The smells of the papers and the aged colors always pull up some old memory for me.  This paper showing off the dress patterns instantly made me think of my grandmother.  She was so talented with a sewing machine, making clothes for all of us and later quilting.  She taught me how to sew during the weeks I spent with her in the summer.  I love her very much.

Usually, I try to incorporate vintage items along with my current supplies.  Jenni Bowlin products really make mixing so easy.  It is fun to see the current trends circling back.  And mixing them together really gives a project a fresh look.
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