Friday, September 18, 2009

Hand Cut Titles with Lisa Dickinson

Hand Cut Titles in MicroSoft Word
by Lisa Dickinson

Have you ever run out of a letter while trying to spell a title with alphabet stickers? Or not had the ideal color stickers in your stash? Or maybe you needed a different font? When I find myself in that situation, I often opt to hand-cut a title from cardstock. I love my alphabet stickers, but sometimes a page needs a more custom title. And it's easy to design, print, and cut a title (really!)

Here's how to do it Word:
1. In a new Word document, add Word Art by selecting Insert > Picture > Word Art.
2. Select the outline option (top left corner of the menu box).
3. Type in the text for your title and select your font and size from the pull down menus. (I used the font Cursive Standard at a 96 pt. size for my example)
4. Click "OK"
5. In the Drawing Toolbar (View > Toolbars > Drawing) select the Draw tool (the one with the box and letter A on top) and from the pull down menu select Rotate or Flip > Flip Horizontal. You resulting title will look like this:
6. Click & drag the corners of the Word Art box to resize your title to the dimensions you want.
7. Print your document on the back (untextured side) of the cardstock of your choice.
8. Using small scissors or an exacto knife, cut out the title. I'd recommend cutting out the space within letters (a,o,d,e, etc.) first.

9. Flip your hand cut title over and apply it to your page.
Page Supplies:
cardstock (Bazzill Basics)
patterned paper, stickers, crepe paper, buttons, stamp (Jenni Bowlin Studio)
felt leaves (Jillibean Soup)
font (Courier - journaling; Cursive Standard, title)
Thanks for the inspiration Lisa!
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  1. great tutorial....thanks, lisa!

  2. You do these so well! Thanks for the great tip Lisa!

  3. okay, that's one of the best tutorials that i have seen in a very long time and I read a lot og blogs! thanks!

  4. OMG! Just last night on my drive home I was contemplating how scrapbookers did this exact thing you just taught us. I have a LO on my work station at this very moment that is in pause mode b/c of the alphabet and mis-matched colors. So now I can go home and print, cut and paste. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!