Friday, July 30, 2010

A Double Header from Danielle Flanders

I used the Pinked Chipboard Mini Book, Play Date line, Butterfly Banner Alpha stickers - Yellow, felt butterflies, blue pearls, Silver Damask rub on (cover), Beach journaling cards, lined journaling stickers, Rub ons - Butterfly - Red, Ledger Banner stickers - all by Jenni Bowlin.

I tried to keep the album looking similar throughout by using a red/blue/yellow color scheme. Using one of the beach journaling cards and butterflies on each page also ties it together. I have so many beach photos, that I plan to add lots more to this book. What I love about it is that there are so many pages inside to fill! You can also use the mini beach cards as I did on one of the pages - cut a portion of them down to fit your project and punch shapes out of them too!

I used the Helmar adhesive, "Scrap Dots". It's a thick liquid and holds really well, it worked awesome on the buttons, shells and glitter!

The airplane paper in last month's kit gave me an idea to create some luggage tags for my girls for our trip home to visit my family. I drew out the airplane shape myself, put it together and laminated it with self-laminating paper that you can buy at Staples. The little labels that I used for her name came in the add-on kit, and I ran them through the printer before putting them all together.

Two awesome projects perfect for summer travels! Thanks for the inspiration Danielle!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Curls by Betsy Sammarco

How lucky I am to have nieces that like getting their picture taken! I was originally goingto go digital with this shot, but when I saw this gorgeous Picnic Lunch paper I got the itch to do some handcutting! The Core Impressions background was sanded in areas tohighlight the cut patterns. The Vintage Buttons adhered with Helmar craft glue worked perfectly with the colors in the paper. The sweet Photgrapher’s Mark Banner Stickers are hung on baking twine. Other supplies I used include the pink Embellished Butterfly with the rhinestones replaced with Pearl Flower pieces and some of the same gorgeous patterned paper in mini form!

Can you tell the photo of my sweet niece was printed on textured cardstock? It’s all I had around, but I love the homespun look!

So very darling! Thanks for the inspiration Betsy!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thirteen by Wilna Furstenberg

It's amazing how fast our kids grow! I know it sounds like a cliche but when you see it before your eyes and feel it in your heart it becomes part of reality. My first born turned 13 on the 26th of July and she invited 4 friends to spend the day with her. It was a special day and this layout is just for her.I want to point out a few points for you to consider when you make your next layout... (not that I know anything! he-he)

1. Try layers. I used layer upon layer upon layer in this layout. I love those little Jenni Bowlin patterned paper squares and adding them together make for an interesting alternative to a solid piece of patterned paper.

2. Tia's dad gave her 13 red roses and using this piece of floral trim is a reminder of the flowers. Using paper/accents to remind us of an event is just as good as journaling about it!

3. Using one of Jenni Bowlin's date cards is such a cool way to remember the month and day. They come in big and small sizes and it perfect to add to layers.

4. I used Helmar's premium craft glue to adhere the trim and Helmar's scrap dots is such a cool product to make things 3 dimensional on your page.

5. I love journaling on a page but with this page all the elements tells such a perfect story that I honestly felt no need to write it too. (apart form the fact that there is no space on the page to journal)

smiles! Wilna

Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration Wilna!
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Tree Layouts

Goofballs by Jenni Bowlin

Supplies: JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Play Date Journaling Cards, Red Vellum Butterflies, JBS Ranger Paint - Malted Milk, JBS Ranger Ink - Fountain Pen, Red Vintage Style Sew-On Buttons , JBS Rub-On Singes, JBS Rubber Stamps

Pure Joy by Stephanie Howell
Supplies: Family Tree Paper, Diecut and Journaling Cards, Black Vellum Butterflies, Small Chipboard Butterflies, Red Pearl Buttons, Cardstock Alpha Stickers, Tiny Circle Alpha Stickers, Red Memo Pad Label Sticker

2 by Stephanie Howell
Supplies: Family Tree Paper and Journaling Cards, JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Black and Yellow Vintage Style Sew-On Buttons, Cardstock Alpha Stickers, Red Butterfly Rub-On Single

Sweet Baby by Stephanie Howell
Supplies: Family Tree Paper, Pink Vellum Stickers, Pink Butterfly Banner Stickers, Small Chipboard Butterflies, Baby Girl Mini Bingo Cards

Fairy Princess by Doris Sander

Supplies: Family Tree Paper and Journaling Cards, JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Star Banner Stickers, Tiny Chakboard Alpha Stickers, Pink Vellum Butterflies

Granny Glasses by Doris Sander

Supplies: Family Tree Paper, Diecut and Journaling Cards, Brown and Red Vellum Butterflies, Red Tiny Chalkboard Alpha Stickers, Brown Vintage Style Sew-On Buttons, JBS Ranger Paint - Stick Candy and Lemon Drops, Orange Pearl Buttons

Fall by Doris Sander

Supplies: Family Tree Mini Papers and Journaling Cards, JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Orange and White Vintage Style Sew-On Buttons, Red and Orange Pearl Flowers, Red Chalkboard Alpha, Photographer's Mark and Milkcap Chipboard Buttons

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

JBS Mercantile August Peeks!

Kerry Lynn Yeary

Ranjini Malhotra

The kit this month feels very warm and cozy and homsepun. It makes me want to stay home and scrap my life away instead of going back to school on Tuesday. Sigh.
A little FYI . . . the add-on kit is full of vintage treats and last month's sold out the first day, so check JBS Mercantile at midnight on the 31st or first thing in the morning on the 1st so you don't miss out. We really need to talk Jenni into adding a second add-on each month, don't we?
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW Chipboard Buttons with Doris Sander

To create my pumpkins, I first freehand cut the shapes from cardstock. Next I fingerpainted the pumpkin ridges then stitched along them once the paint was dry. The leaves I freehand cut too and bent up the tips a bit to give them more substance. I finished them off with seam binding bows and cute new Halloween chipboard buttons.

Supplies: JBS Coredinations Cardstock, JBS Ranger Paint - Chicken Feed, Family Tree Patterned Paper, Halloween Chipboard Buttons, Seam Binding Tape

Happy Halloween! Merry Christmas! and Happy Valentine's Day! :)

The base of my tree is a piece of chipboard loosely cut into the shape of a Christmas tree. Basically, it is three triangles stacked on top of each other. I covered this base with rows of one inch circles punched from patterned paper and cardstock and bent slightly. I stitched across the three sections of the tree and then lightly painted the bottom edges of the circles. My little tree is decorated with lots of happy buttons.

Suppies: JBS Coredination Cardstock, JBS Ranger Paint - Malted Milk, Brown Sugar and Chili Powder, Family Tree Patterned Paper, Christmas Chipboard Buttons, Red Pearl Buttons, Yellow Vintage Style Sew-On Buttons

After painting my chipboard star and allowing the paint to dry, I put on a coat of Helmar Professional Glue for the nice glossy shine you see.

And a quick and easy Valentine's Day display. :)
Supplies: Large Bingo Card, Red/Black Dotted Label Stickers, Red Chalkboard Alphabet, Valentine's Day Chipboard Buttons, Red Seam Binding Tape, Vintage Flower
I've had so much fun playing with the new JBS goodies! They ship early August, so you'll be able to play with them soon too!
xoxo, Doris :)
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

JBS Ranger with Dina Wakley

I know we're all super-excited about Jenni's new Ranger products--I've been swooning ever since the big announcement! I got a chance this week to play with the daubers & ink pads, and oh my, I am in love. Here are some of the ways I used the daubers:

Bought some 99-cent wooden square plaques at the craft store & painted them with the daubers. I actually used a brush for this--I just took the top off the dauber & stuck the brush right into the paint. The paint is high-quality and opaque, and it gives good coverage with one thin coat. It dries fast, too. I painted one plaque with Soap Powder (blue) and one with Lemon Drops (yellow), and then used the foam tip of the Brown Sugar dauber to antique the edges. Really fast & easy!
Supply List: Family Tree PP, Black Vintage Sew-On Buttons, Chipboard Butterflies, Photographer's Mark Banner Stickers, Yellow Butterfly Banner Stickers, Lemon Drops Paint, Brown Sugar Paint

Supply List: Family Tree PP, Red Vellum Butterflies, Soap Powder Paint, Brown Sugar Paint, Seed Packet Ink, Cough Syrup Ink

Skimmed the foam tip around the edge of a layout to add a painty border. I always ink my edges with ink pads, but I really liked using the daubers. The paint blends with all the JBS paper well, and it dries quickly.

Supply List: JBS Coredinations CS, Family Tree Journaling Cards, Reader Banner Stickers, Blue Dotted Label Stickers, Pink Butterfly Rub-on Single, Chewing Gum Paint

For a fun sparkley look, Dina addeda little iridescent glitter to the sun rays on the diecut paper.

Supply List: Play Date Die Cut Paper, Valentine Chipboard Buttons, Red Chalkboard Alpha, Red Lined Carstock Alpha, Red Dotted Labels, Soap Powder Paint

Supply List: JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Stick Candy Paint, Play Date Journaling Cards, Beach Mini Bingo Cards, Play Date PP, Red Lined Cardstock Alphas

Put a thin layer of dauber paint right onto my patterned paper & let it dry, then journaled onto it...voila, instant journaling square!I can't wait to see how you use the daubers, too!

Supply List: Family Tree Diecut Paper, Family Tree PP, Family Tree Journaling Cards, Brown Bingo Alpha Tiles, Brown Sugar Paint, Cough Syrup Ink, Seed Packet Paint, Black Vintage Sew-On Buttons, Brown Vintage Sew-On Buttons, Yellow Vintage Sew-On Buttons

Supply List: Family Tree PP, JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Red Bingo Tile Alphas, Stick Candy Paint, Pinked Chipboard Mini Album, Spice Tin Ink

Awesome Creations! Thanks for the inspiration Dina!

These are samples and don't have the cute labels on them yet, but we though you might want to see what yummy colors go with the delightful names of Jenni's new paints.
Top row: Chewing Gum, Cough Syrup, Seed Packet, Soap Powder, Chicken Feed, Fountain Pen
Bottom row: Stick Candy, Lemon Drops, Brown Sugar, Chili Powder, Spice Tin, Malted Milk
And the truly exciting part . . . these colors are all available in ink pads and re-inkers too! AND the re-inkers can be used to make MISTS!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enjoy Summer by Amanda Johnson

I hosted a card making night with my little cousins the other day. I had a lot of bits and bobs from leftover kits, such as these plastic pieces from Tim Holtz and these little pieces of mini papers. I thought they would make a bold statement joined together on white cardstock, so that's what I did! Add a little simple handwriting, and it's ready to pass off to a friend.

To join the paper to the clear plastic squares, I used a piece of double sided adhesive, so you could only see the patterned paper, not the glue.
So fresh! Thanks for the inspiration Mandi!
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