Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thirteen by Wilna Furstenberg

It's amazing how fast our kids grow! I know it sounds like a cliche but when you see it before your eyes and feel it in your heart it becomes part of reality. My first born turned 13 on the 26th of July and she invited 4 friends to spend the day with her. It was a special day and this layout is just for her.I want to point out a few points for you to consider when you make your next layout... (not that I know anything! he-he)

1. Try layers. I used layer upon layer upon layer in this layout. I love those little Jenni Bowlin patterned paper squares and adding them together make for an interesting alternative to a solid piece of patterned paper.

2. Tia's dad gave her 13 red roses and using this piece of floral trim is a reminder of the flowers. Using paper/accents to remind us of an event is just as good as journaling about it!

3. Using one of Jenni Bowlin's date cards is such a cool way to remember the month and day. They come in big and small sizes and it perfect to add to layers.

4. I used Helmar's premium craft glue to adhere the trim and Helmar's scrap dots is such a cool product to make things 3 dimensional on your page.

5. I love journaling on a page but with this page all the elements tells such a perfect story that I honestly felt no need to write it too. (apart form the fact that there is no space on the page to journal)

smiles! Wilna

Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration Wilna!
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  1. Beautiful!!! You are so talented Wilna.

  2. wow! love love love this! adding the roses was such a great idea and i love the handwritten thirteen!

  3. so cute! the word thirteen - is that a font to buy? what a cute page wilna!

  4. What an adorable page! Love the red and how that ties in with the roses she received.

  5. i want to have you write on everyone of my projects wilna, your handwriting is so beautiful!
    as is this lo, happy bday tia!!