Thursday, July 22, 2010

JBS Ranger with Dina Wakley

I know we're all super-excited about Jenni's new Ranger products--I've been swooning ever since the big announcement! I got a chance this week to play with the daubers & ink pads, and oh my, I am in love. Here are some of the ways I used the daubers:

Bought some 99-cent wooden square plaques at the craft store & painted them with the daubers. I actually used a brush for this--I just took the top off the dauber & stuck the brush right into the paint. The paint is high-quality and opaque, and it gives good coverage with one thin coat. It dries fast, too. I painted one plaque with Soap Powder (blue) and one with Lemon Drops (yellow), and then used the foam tip of the Brown Sugar dauber to antique the edges. Really fast & easy!
Supply List: Family Tree PP, Black Vintage Sew-On Buttons, Chipboard Butterflies, Photographer's Mark Banner Stickers, Yellow Butterfly Banner Stickers, Lemon Drops Paint, Brown Sugar Paint

Supply List: Family Tree PP, Red Vellum Butterflies, Soap Powder Paint, Brown Sugar Paint, Seed Packet Ink, Cough Syrup Ink

Skimmed the foam tip around the edge of a layout to add a painty border. I always ink my edges with ink pads, but I really liked using the daubers. The paint blends with all the JBS paper well, and it dries quickly.

Supply List: JBS Coredinations CS, Family Tree Journaling Cards, Reader Banner Stickers, Blue Dotted Label Stickers, Pink Butterfly Rub-on Single, Chewing Gum Paint

For a fun sparkley look, Dina addeda little iridescent glitter to the sun rays on the diecut paper.

Supply List: Play Date Die Cut Paper, Valentine Chipboard Buttons, Red Chalkboard Alpha, Red Lined Carstock Alpha, Red Dotted Labels, Soap Powder Paint

Supply List: JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Stick Candy Paint, Play Date Journaling Cards, Beach Mini Bingo Cards, Play Date PP, Red Lined Cardstock Alphas

Put a thin layer of dauber paint right onto my patterned paper & let it dry, then journaled onto it...voila, instant journaling square!I can't wait to see how you use the daubers, too!

Supply List: Family Tree Diecut Paper, Family Tree PP, Family Tree Journaling Cards, Brown Bingo Alpha Tiles, Brown Sugar Paint, Cough Syrup Ink, Seed Packet Paint, Black Vintage Sew-On Buttons, Brown Vintage Sew-On Buttons, Yellow Vintage Sew-On Buttons

Supply List: Family Tree PP, JBS Coredinations Cardstock, Red Bingo Tile Alphas, Stick Candy Paint, Pinked Chipboard Mini Album, Spice Tin Ink

Awesome Creations! Thanks for the inspiration Dina!

These are samples and don't have the cute labels on them yet, but we though you might want to see what yummy colors go with the delightful names of Jenni's new paints.
Top row: Chewing Gum, Cough Syrup, Seed Packet, Soap Powder, Chicken Feed, Fountain Pen
Bottom row: Stick Candy, Lemon Drops, Brown Sugar, Chili Powder, Spice Tin, Malted Milk
And the truly exciting part . . . these colors are all available in ink pads and re-inkers too! AND the re-inkers can be used to make MISTS!
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  1. These projects are all so wonderful. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration Dina. And the new paint colours look FABULOUS! I couldn't begin to choose just one favourite (although I do particularly love the Stick Candy colour, and the Chewing Gum too!)

  2. Beautiful projects and techniques. Thanks!

  3. Awesome projects! The new paint and ink will be so much fun to play with. Can't wait for them to hit the store shelves.

  4. Great Projects today!!!!!!!!!
    and love the paints

  5. great, great post!!!!! love the sneaks of the new paints! and love all of Dina's projects! they are so cool and beautiful! really love how she did those frames!!

  6. so so gorgeous...all of them! :)

  7. I got a question concerning the re-inkers. Will they work similar as the re-inkers to the Ranger Distress ink pads?

    The reason to my Q is that I use the Distress re-inkers when I paint and color stuff and some of these, your new colors are just stunning. I would love to color stuff with them.

    Oh! the ink, will it be waterproof?