Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gift Tags by Lisa Dickinson

How sweet would these be hanging from your gifts this Christmas? They'd also make great birthday, Valentine's Day, and Baby shower gift tags. And look! Lisa also made this downloadable PDF to help make your tag making even easier! I do hope the link works for you. This is my first attempt at embedding a PDF here. If you can't download the template leave a comment and I'll see if Lisa can't give me a little extra help too! Thanks for everything Lisa!
Tag Template
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  1. OK, printing the template was easy, but it wants me to sign in before it will let me download it. Not sure if i want to do that. Thanks. Love this little tag.

  2. I had to sign in to use it too and so far haven't gotten any unwanted spam, etc. Whew!

  3. I can't get it to work at all !!!