Monday, February 22, 2010

Homespun with Becky Novacek

The new Homespun JBS collection is complete bliss as far as I'm concerned! One of the words I often use when asked what my scrapbooking style is, is the word homespun. I am so happy that the word that I am drawn to, to describe my imperfect style is so beautiful and fresh! I really love when new products inspire me to want to make things! That is exactly what this new collection did for me. I'm sure you all will love it too!

The first layout I made with Homespun is a layout with my granddaughter Harper titled "sassy pants". Are the butterflies not the sweetest?

This layout of my granddaughter Addison incorporates my love of vintage with Homespun. I stitched together several scraps of quilts to create the ruffle. The journaling cards are about the same size as a wallet photo so they work well to use in a grid design.

These are such darling interpretations of the Homespun collection, don't you agree? Thanks for the inspiration Becky!
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  1. Beautiful layouts. I love the fabric ruffle. Your style is glorious! Just beautiful!

  2. Love that fabric ruffle - what a great idea to use those different scraps. The mix of patterns makes it charming and unique.