Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Gallery is Live!

Wow! The gallery is already flooded this month! I can tell you for sure that the Halloween Project Kit won't last long with Dina, Jenni, Danielle, Keisha, and Ranjini all creating with it.

The add-on kit was super fun including this sweet journal that our guest, Jamie Waters, and Doris worked with.

The main kit is hosting our latest release, Family Tree, and it doesn't disappoint.
You can also now purchase cardstock and seam binding tape to ship with your kits.
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  1. The gallery is incredible!!! I want to replicate that mini that Danielle made and I would love to know a list of the paint daubers she used. I'll bet other people would like to know too! Any chance you can share a list of the colors?

  2. Hi Tracie! Thank you for your nice comments! I used Jenni's new paint daubers in Malted Milk (creme color), Chicken Feed (orange), Fountain Pen (black) and Seed Packet (green). I will have to find out when they'll be available for sale, but I think soon!

  3. Yes! Danielle is right! We don't have an exact date for sale of the Ranger inks and paints yet, but we're expecting them mid-September!