Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School with Dina Wakley

Today's back to school thought is brought to us by Dina Wakley who writes, "Back to School for me means....a quiet house! When all three of my boys are home, it's fun but LOUD. There's always something going on...laughing, computer games, guitar-playing, IPODs blaring. It's great...but I will say I do really enjoy a quiet house when they leave for school. I recharge and work and get ready for the craziness to begin when they get home."

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  1. It is fabulous...I like your creative know how to keep it simple and so unique at the same impress me again and again...and you are able to make so much fun stuff with every thing...

  2. Awesome creativity!!
    I must say that Dina have done a very nice job by creating this art.