Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sweet Teacher Treats

This month on the inspiration blog we'll be sharing posts to help you get inspired for Valentine's Day.  I made these sweet teacher treats for my son's teachers using the January Project Kit.  I grabbed some of the jumbo sized Hershey's Chocolate Bars from the grocery store, removed the outer paper, then created my own custom sleeve to slip back on them.  I think they're going to really enjoy them. 

  1. Cut a 9 x 6 inch piece of dark brown cardstock, 5 3/8 x 3 inch piece of cream cardstock, and two 7 1/2 inch pieces of trim. 
  2. Adhere the cream cardstock to the center of the  dark brown cardstock and the two pieces of trim centered along each 9 inch side (the trim won't go all the way to the end - that's okay as there is overlap, leaving room to adhere the two sides).  I machine stitched the trim and cream cardstock to make sure it stayed put. 
  3. I then misted the cream cardstock and trim with a mixture of chewing gum and cough syrup ink
  4. Embellish!
  5. Wrap the your decorated piece tightly around the candy bar and adhere it.  I actually used staples to make sure the two sides stayed together well.  While holding the cardstock sleeve tight, I slipped one end up off the chocolate bar and stapled it.  Then I slipped it off on the other side and stapled it before sliding it back in place.
  6. Don't forget to write in the teacher's name and sign it!

These were super fun and easy to make!  - Doris
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  1. Doris, they're going to seriously love these, I think this is about the only way I could have chocolate in my hands and not eat it --- the wrapping is too pretty to remove!