Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ring in the New Year with a Garland Card!

Hi everyone!
This is Ashley today, with a fun garland card to help someone you love ring in the new year. I like the idea of sending Happy New Year cards during the holiday season, because I am never quite with it enough to get Christmas cards out on time! I like to think that everyone also enjoys good wishes for a New Year, too. 

This Happy New Year card is packaged in a piece of ledger paper included in the December JBS Mercantile Antiquarian Add-On. I just folded it over so the finished card would fit inside. I used a seal from the JBS Black Skinny alphas, stuck it to paper, ran it through my typewriter, and trimmed around the edge. I securely adhered the top portion of the seal to the top fold of the card. Then I put a TINY bit of ATG adhesive on the bottom portion of the seal that overhangs the top flap, so it is just a tiny bit sticky. This means the seal holds the card wrapper shut, but releases easily without tearing the ledger paper when it is time to open (which as you can read, is not supposed to be until 2013!)

Once opened, the recipient is greeted with a tag addressing the card to them, and an lovely pile of black and white clocks, chevrons, and dictionary paper stars. The "to" tag and the clocks are both from the new Red and Black collection Accessory Sheet paper. 

The recipient carefully begins lifting their card by pulling on the black and white chevron tab...
and the coutdown begins! The clocks begin at 10... 9... 8...

and JBS Grey Skinny Alpha numbers on the same Antiquarian Add-On ledge paper continue the countdown.
7... 6... 5...

4... 3... 2...


Happy New Year! 
The hand-holding-a-card is also from the new Red and Black Collection Accessory Sheet paper. I typed directly on it by inserting it into my typewriter. I added a single black star sticker from the JBS Black Skinny Alpha sticker sheet for a simple embellishment at the bottom.
One last black seal is sewn at the end, to sign your name on or add a brief sentiment to. 

And, when the card is all opened, it makes a fabulous garland! Just big enough to drape across a fireplace mantle, hang from a shelf, or from the top of  a large frame. 

Thanks for stopping in today!

-- Ashley.

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