Friday, December 20, 2013

Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornmant by Connie Mercer

 Do you have a hour or so?
  That is all you need to make these vintage inspired Christmas ornaments~
Supplies needed~
JBS mni deck, JBS chipboard Christmas buttons, JBS red/black rhinestones and the JBS spools, hot glue gun ( just goes faster this way), ink (for shading), homespun (for the spools), stick pins, holly leaf and twine.

Ink ( to shade) around the cards.
The card from the mini deck is glued onto the burlap.  I laid the card down and cut around, to get the size.

I then glued the Holly leaf ( just some I had) down followed by the chipboard button.  Roll some twine up and hot glue it under the chipboard button.
Added the stick pins and a Christmas sicker~
See I told you not much time was needed and so cute!!!!
Thanks for stopping by~
C. Mercer

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  1. Love these so much Connie!! They are so fun and the details are lovely, like the gathered twine and variety of stick pins!! Such a creative way to use the mini deck! :) Evie

  2. these are wonderful connie! they look like they'd be so much fun to make in a batch!