Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So Many New Beginnings

January is a time to focus on new beginnings. It's kind of obvious since it's the start of a new year. However, there are fresh starts and new adventures all year long. After viewing the soft palette of January's kits, I wanted to focus on something that was just as gentle and beautiful.

In 2004, my family rescued several orphaned kittens. They were quite tiny with their eyes just barely open. We ended up keeping two of them. In those early months, we met with many new beginnings. This particular layout focuses on a newly forged friendship between our older dog and our cats. I entitled it Love Etc. because love encompasses so many things including friendship, acceptance and comfort. 

Each stage in life is a new start. Birth, learning to walk and play, maturing... all of these are a beginning we can mark and document. Our new kittens sort of regarded my son as a litter mate. I wanted to capture this stage of life marked by the endless cycle of playing, eating and sleeping. I added white sequins and punched circles to the swirling background. These help convey this cycle and the energy young children possess.

How do you begin your day? Each morning is, after all, another new beginning. Though it may seem a bit boring, it does tell the story of your life right now. For this layout, I took a few photos of my son and his cat sleeping. I used a block foundation and  added a bit of the bleached woodgrain tape to symbolize the stability of our current morning routine.

What are your new beginnings? Are you documenting an everyday beginning or perhaps a big event?

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