Friday, June 20, 2014

Christy's Creative Space


Hello! It's Christy and it's my turn to share my creative space. I have to warn you. It's an unusual spot. However, it's my first ever dedicated creative space and I am so grateful to have it. I am an American expat living in Nassau, Bahamas. My family tends to move every two to three years. Currently, we're renting an older townhome which comes with a few quirks. One of those quirks just happens to be a walk-in closet with a built in desk and shelving. This has become the space in which I create.

Over the year or so that we have lived here, I have managed to spread a bit outside the closet. At the entrance is a narrow section which features my cutting station. I have a shelving unit with a large trimmer and my big shot with dies stored in wooden crates. The bottom shelf is filled with plastic tubs of paints, mists and inks. I store my cardstock across from the cutting station. It's sorted by color into plastic drawers. My sewing machine sits atop the cardstock. You will have to pardon the National Lampoon's style wires showing. There are no plugs in the closet.
The built in desk is L shaped. I have added a Raskog cart to give me a little more desk space. I have also taken advantage of the vertical space. Kits are stored in two gallon zip loc bags which I hang from a rod using coat hangers and clothespins. Under the desk are more Sterilite style containers with embossing powders, punches, and embellishments. I store tags and embellishments inside the cart as well. At my feet, are shelves which house older patterned paper and baskets of 6x6 paper pads. I also have a cubby for my Silhouette Portrait.I keep my lap top on the desk at all times. Since space is limited, I also leave up my video recording equipment. It's mounted to the PVC pipe frame.

One of the Sterilite containers on the desk houses my tools. I have them sorted into silverware containers so that I can find them easily.

I have a small shelving unit which houses jars of sequins and small embellishments. I also keep my ink pads here as well. Can you tell I have an obsession with date stampers? My cats often like to hang out with me while I work. I have a box with a soft blanket for them to lie in. I like to keep baby wipes on my desk. I'm not near a source of water. So the wipes make for a nice quick way to tidy up if I am working with something messy.
The closet extends back behind me with floor to ceiling shelves.I house my albums on the upper shelves. Sterilite containers hold my other supplies on the lower shelves. I have my letter stickers sorted by color on the left. On the right, I have die cuts, stickers, and chipboard sorted by theme.

One of the few vintage items I own is a metal drawer I found the the JBS Mercantile Flea Market. I store my most current pocket page supplies in it along with a few favorite stamps.

This is my favorite item in my creative space. My dad found this camera when I was a little girl. He gave it to my sister and I. We kept it with our dress-up clothes and would pretend to be photographers.

What I Love About My Space
I love how cozy my space is. Despite it's small size, I have been able to make it function well. It's also very portable. It's easy to tape the drawers shut and move them around. Perfect for someone like me who moves often.
What I Would Change About My Space
I wish I had a window for more natural light. I also wish I had a bigger desk with enough space for all three of my cats to hang out at the same time. 

Thank you for visiting my space!

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  1. Very nice space and how you have made use of it all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love your cozy space! and that camera (and the story behind it!) are awesome!

    1. Thank you! I hope one day to refurbish the camera and use it with 35mm film.

  3. Love the use of the jars so you can see what is inside easily to find what you are looking for.