Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome Our August Guest Star Tami Taylor!

Tami Taylor is a former Michigander who relocated in 2006 from a small farm town to the large and wild city of Las Vegas. This move is very reflective in her style that bounces from easy and simple to overly decorated.

Since early childhood she’s loved making collection books from books of her favorite stickers to books of vacation memorabilia to photo albums. After a friend introduced her to scrapbooking that showed her how to put all of this together, she was hooked. A few years ago, she heard of Debbie Hodge’s book, Get It Scrapped!; found Debbie's online site and took an online class. She’s been at Get It Scrapped! ever since. Currently she writes articles for Get It Scrapped, administers Masterful Scrapbook Design and owns and operates Creative Passion Classes.  To learn more about Tami visit her blog, TheTaylorLife, or connect with her on facebook. 

When I saw these butter pat squares on the August kit sneak, I knew I would be using them for photo frames. When I saw the Pink Paislee gold foam "#Perfect" and the # sign in the glitter alpha I knew it would be Instagram photos! I can't help it. This summer it seems everyone I know has taken to Instagram and hashtags. 
Honestly, working with realistic papers is usually hard for me. I find it difficult to incorporate the image into my layout and do it justice. Since this paper screams summer sun and photos with all that cute heart bokeh - it fit the theme perfectly. 

I love my studio. I have a rather large house and was lucky enough to bargain with my husband for the room my studio now resides. The deal was I got this mini-master bedroom and my husband got the garage. Since we are in Vegas and there is no snow shoveling involved, it was a no brainer for me. Most of the time my room is a mess, especially the floor. I'm not a clean and organized scrapbooker, plus I'm lacking some storage. So my floor tends to be covered in piles or bins with various supplies. Ahh, but my art counter, that I keep cleared. 
I like the idea that at any point in the day I can just walk over and do something. Whether it's just smear some paint on a tag or decorate my planner, or if I'm lucky dig in and scrapbook for hours. The whole set-up was rather in expensive, I bought a discounted counter at Lowes, along with a counter top that had a nick in it and then some peg board which is my favorite thing in my scrapbook room. I am a visual person so I will often hang things from a peg. I will hang a project I want to use, a favorite piece from a kit, a half completed layout or canvas that I don't feel is finished and just needs "something". This lets me see it over and over until it sparks an idea on how to finish that project or use that product. 

My current favorite photo is of my husband and son. It was taken by my brother in law at an Angels/Tigers game. My son's team went to California for a little league tournament, and they decided to take in the game from the cheap seats.  This happened after long summer weeks with lots of teenage angst and even more parental nagging about crazy things like "do your chores" and "get up it's 4pm". When my brother in law text me this silly photo with them in fish hats, it reminded me that it's all a phase and someday the nagging will be over and it will be just the fun stuff.
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  1. Oh I love that page...And that picture of your hubby and son is priceless. So fun. thanks for sharing your space too. It looks so neat and makes me want to go organize!!

  2. oh my ! I am so excited to see Tami at guest! And that page is breathtaking AND genius. I'm so going to lift this!

  3. Aww thanks! I was so happy to do this. It honestly was a dream come true!