Friday, November 14, 2014

Digital Haven Inspiration

One of my favorite Jenni Bowlin Studio paper lines is Haven and having it available in digital form is ... well ... heaven!  

I'd like to share two pieces of inspiration with you from our digital Creative Team:

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Haven Collection, Jeweled Butterflies
Ju Kneipp: Moments To Remember (flower, lace), Elegant (leaves)
Studio Flergs: Something Nice (frame)
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette 8 (overlay)

Audrey Tan took pieces of the patterned paper, borders, and journaling cards and layered them all beautifully to create a comfy layout.

JBS Haven Collection
JBS Butterfly rub on kit
JBS Transfer Flowers

Other: Just Jaime ‘Scary Stuff’ ink splatters; CD Muckosky ‘We believe in Daydreams’; Alison Pennington wooden token; Stampin' Up sequins. Fonts: Rough Typewriter, Mr Lackboughs

Chantalle McDaniel created an airy and artsy background for her layers of journaling cards, flatback, and rub-ons.  And take a look at that digital gold embossing using our Transferware Flowers kit?  How'd she do that?

Both artists used the butterfly images in the kit with other JBS digital butterfly images beautifully in their layouts.

If you'd like Haven in your digital stash, you can find it here!

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