Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When an Imperfect Page is Just Perfect

It was so difficult to create scrapbook pages with the JBS Mercantile Papercrafting kit this month ... sure it's gorgeous and lovely and unique ... but this is the last papercrafting kit coming from the Mercantile.  Oh there will be LOTS of new cool stuff coming from the Mercantile still, and the Crafted Kit will continue on, but this was the last papercrafting kit.

So I needed this last layout to be perfect.  As all well made plans usually go, perfection certainly did not happen.  My sewing machine was threaded with really thick thread, the tension was off, it made holes in my paper.  The stitching chewed up the edge of a tag so I had to cut the end off.  I realized I wanted to run the page through my printer after it was mostly assembled so I disassembled and ran the page through and it printed in places in shouldn't have.  And the ink gummed up on my patterned paper. 

The page was looking messy and wrecked.  This is when I decided to embrace the messy, embrace the imperfect and go with it.  So I wrinkled it more and disassembled again to get my printing right and reassembled as best as I could.  The wrinkling caused ripping.  I restitched a zig zag stitch over some of the holes in the patterned paper.  Then I realized I made a mistake in my journaling and just kept it.

The funny thing is, it's one of my favorite layouts ever.  Sometimes imperfect is exactly perfect.

There are only a couple of December Papercrafting Kits left in stock.  If you grab one now, you can make your own perfect or perfectly imperfect layouts of the holidays.

And stay tuned to Jenni's facebook page and her instagram account, as she's already dropping hints of what's to come for the Mercantile for the new year!

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