Friday, September 25, 2009

Masking with Dina Wakley

Most of you know I love spray ink, and one of my favorite masks to use with ink is Jenni Bowlin chipboard. Her chipboard shapes are large enough to create a super image on the page. You can spray over them, and then keep the chipboard to use on the layout (or on a future layout). So, it's like double-duty chipboard!

For "maturing," I applied gesso to the page first with a palette knife. Then I used spray ink to spray over the JBS Round Star Frame chipboard. I sprayed over it 3 times to create the background. When the ink was dry, I added the photo & journaling. I saved the chipboard (which was now delightfully colored with green & blue ink), and used it on the "happy" layout.

For "china," I used one of Jenni's great chipboard stars. I sprayed over it several times on the white cardstock. When the ink was dry, I outlined the stars with a black pen to make them stand out. I added the photos & papers & journaling, and as a finishing touch I included the star that I used as mask.

Thanks for the inspiratino Dina!
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  1. love it! And I love how she adds the actual masks to the project, as well.

  2. i've seen her whip out 5 layouts in less than a few hours! yep, she's amazing, that one. :)