Friday, June 11, 2010

Butterfly Earring Tutorial by Cheryl Ametewee

Lately, I have been venturing out more and more in my art...trying to find new ways to use my scrapbook products in other areas in my life. And this month has been a big one as far as being inspired to create jewelry. I'm a big jewelry lover, but I like to wear new fresh things...and since that's not exactly conducive to saving money, I decided that I'd try my hand at a few pieces of my own design. (I have to admit, big jewelry obsession this month started when I first laid eyes on the June Mercantile kit that included the Webster's Pages rose trim...I knew the second I laid eyes on it that I had to make it into some kind of jewelry!) So, with absolutely no picture in my head of what I was hoping the outcome would be, I grabbed a couple JBS supplies (black butterfly stickers, cream pearl flowers), some fabric & netting leftover from my wedding dress & the basic jewelry pieces from our local craft store, and got to work.

The actual designing of the butterflies was a fairly simple process...I placed the butterfly sticker onto the back of the fabric (it actually naturally adhered very well to the cotton in the material) and then cut out around the sticker so that the fabric was obviously shaped like a butterfly even when you couldn't see the actual sticker. Next, I added just the 3 individual pearls from the pearl flower and then cut out 3 pieces of netting in the butterfly shape and placed them between each of the stickers to add a little color to and draw the blue of the fabric together with the black butterflies. Then I simply poked a hole through the entire grouping of butterflies and placed it on the earring base with the fabric butterfly facing frontwards. But even with the fabric in front, the way they are hanging on the earrings allows the butterflies to move around, allowing you to see the black patterned stickers through the netting.

Altogether the entire project took only about 30-40 minutes, and the best part is that you can make them in any color to go with any outfit, not to mention comfortably lightweight...which makes them perfect for summer! (and they are even small enough that you can use the extra fabric on the hem of a dress or shirt to match them exactly with anything you are wearing!)

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  1. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! You are sooo multi talented!