Friday, June 4, 2010

Field Journal by Betsy Sammarco

Are you a gardener or a nature lover? Do you love taking pictures of flowers? Or maybe you know someone who does?

Growing up, I envisioned myself as the female version of Charles Darwin. My favorite book was “The Golden Book of Natural History” and I collected bugs and tried to cross-pollinate plants. And I carried around my little “nature notebook” wherever I went. Yes, I guess I was a bit of a science nerd! As an adult, I still love and admire the beauty of nature. “Field Notes” is the grown up version of my nature notebook where I’ve documented the amazing plant life growing near my house in pictures and words.

“Field Notes” is a new digital JBS theme at I used a Scalloped Mini Album and cropped my photos to 4x4:

I added Journaling Cards, Calendar Cards, Embellished Butterflies, Scalloped Notecards, and lots of other fun JBS stuff:
A cut up baseball card protector acts as a pocket for collecting:

I hope you have a chance to enjoy the outdoors and create your own version of a nature notebook!

-- betsy
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  1. Betsy - this book is so awesome! I love all the mixed media ideas you used, it's adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Betsy!! *swoon!* Love it so, so much!

  3. Yes, you are a bit of a nerd - but in all the good ways! Beautiful book - very artistic.

  4. very pretty! i really need to make one of these some day!