Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Design Tip from Dina Wakley

I have to admit, I generally choose solid cardstock as my page backgrounds. Very rarely do I begin with a whole sheet of patterned paper...not sure why, because like most scrappers, I adore paper! The new JBS bullseye paper just stood out to me, and I knew I wanted to use it as a background.

As I created my layout, I used several design tricks to help the photos stand out from the busy paper background:
1. I cut a rectangle out of the center of the paper so that there would be some solid cardstock peeking through. This gave me some visual white space to use in my design.
2. I put a piece of coordinating JBS paper through the layout horizontally. The paper gave me something on which I could anchor my photos.
3. I sewed around the photos with black thread. The sewing helps lead the eye to the photos.
4. I added some strips of black cardstock on the side of the photos to help them stand out from the paper background.
5. To break up the bullseye pattern, I tore the corners of the paper and added another JBS paper from the new line.
6. I used the circle element from one of the new JBS journaling cards for my title & journaling. The circle helps focus the eye on the center of the layout, and continues the bullseye motif.

I hope these little tips & tricks help you when you're creating with a patterned paper background! If you try any of them, let me know, I'd love to see your pages.

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  1. great tips dina. its so helpful to get basics like this that can be applied to card, layouts, even collage. good stuff, lady