Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Star Katie Watson!

I am a home decor type of girl. Not in furniture decorating but more in all the "little details" of decorating. I love to add homemade touches to my house, it's what makes my house a home...well that and a whole lot of love. I also am a vintage collector, I love to shop at junk markets and find odds and ends to create little vignettes with. I have a couple of tables that are constantly changing with the season and the holidays. The Play Date line matched a jar of blue and white milk caps that I have been saving for the perfect project for a while. So, the Play Date line soon transformed a chipboard house into a Summer tabletop decoration and some leftover butterfly chipboard album pages into a fun banner. Summer is now in my house, the pretty kind..not the sweaty kind.

On the house, I used the Play Date line, the new banner stickers (I mixed them up a bit), the Butterfly rubon, JBS Rhinestone button, Apothecary Stickers in Navy, Polka dot chipboard buttons, Gray memo book page (front door )and a Red mini Bingo Card (cut out Home for sign). I also used a Vintage Bingo Cards and oodles of vintage Milk Caps for the roof.

For the banner I used the Play Date line, Navy Crepe Paper Ribbon, JBS butterfly stickers, JBS Rhinestone button and some banner stickers made into flags. I strung the banner pieces with wire and added ribbons.

Thanks for taking a peek at my Summer Home Decor pieces.

Katie Watson
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  1. I knew you would knock it out of the ball park! gorgeous projects, Katie!

  2. oh my gosh that house is freaking AMAZING!!! i am completely in love with it! so so cool. :)

  3. You get the blue ribbon and at least 5 gold stars for this project. I just love it.

  4. I meant the house but both projects are perfect!

  5. So adorable, I love it!!!! Both projects are fabulous, well done Katie! :)

  6. The door is my favorite part of the house