Monday, July 5, 2010

Star Tag by Doris Sander

I consider Jenni Bowlin Chipboard to be a staple in my scrappy stash. It's one of those basics that you can do oh so many things with. Here I made a little star tag to dress up a birthday bag.

Step One: Adhere patterned paper to the back. For a simple shape like this I just stuck the paper directly to the chipboard with a Helmar USA Adhesive Runner (strong stuff!) then cut around it and filed the rough edges with an emory board. Don't put the sticker on just yet . . . wait for it . . .

Step Two: The front I covered with a fabric scrap. For this I traced the shape onto the reverse side of the fabric first then cut it out. I adhered it with Helmar USA 450 Quick Dry adhesive. They are NOT kidding when they say quick dry! I spread the glue with my finger and smoothed out the fabric over one point at a time.
Step Three: For the lace rosette, I first used a needle and thread to baste the top edge of the crocheted lace (bought in the fabric department of a craft store), then pulled it tight to gather it (we have a little tutorial for this, but our galleries are currently being worked on, so I will post the link when I am able). I added a Polka Dot Chipboard Button and Vintage Style Sew-On Button and stitched through everything (even the Chipboard Star) with a piece of thread tied in a bow on front. Add a couple Superior Pins then finally add the label sticker on back to cover the stitch and provide a nice place for a special note.
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  1. Hi Doris!
    Your star is really cute...a great addition to the gift bag.
    I see your creations in magazines and online.
    You are doing well! I notice each time your 'little man' is growing up. Take care.
    Linda C

  2. hey, i recognize that fabric!! ;) love this, doris!

  3. That's darling, Doris! It dresses up that solid colored bag beautifully!