Thursday, January 13, 2011

JBS Mercantile January Kit...

Hello! Wilna here! I live in Canada (yes, it's very cold right now) and this month there was a few factors working together (weather, postal service, family) and a long story short, i only got to share my pages today! I totally adore this month's papers and embellishments. If someone asks me to describe my scrapbook style, i always say it's lyrical... meaning romantic with lots of words. This months kit is super romantic and i always know it's a good sign when i open the box and feel slightly anxious and have palpitations from excitement.
  This first page is actually my first scrapbook page of the year. Every year i pick a word that sits right with my heart for the coming a way it serves as both my expectation and determination for the coming year. This year I chose the word MIRACLE. 2011 is the year when my husband and i turn 40 and we would have been married 20 years. Our girls also turns 10, 12 and 14. (lots of 2's and 4's and 0's).

Ali Edwards have a fabulous class called "One little word" and i signed up this week. This page is for the first assignment. Let me just say that i love the fact that the class is for 12 months... Ali will keep us inspired and mindful of our word right through the year. love that.
This page is Valentine inspired. Can you believe it's almost Valentine again? I used Jenni Bowlin's cute Calendar cards (February) as a starting point. My title was done with the Making Memories slice. Just one more note about one of my favorite techniques: I use my hot glue gun so much lately... and that's one way to achieve lovely dimension. Especially for titles: Just lay down a strip of hot glue and adhere the title on top.

This last project are actually 4 cards. Last year, i took lovely pictures of my 3 girls for Valentine. I decided to make a card for each of them and of course for the husband : ) For these cards, i just layered papers, words and some of the exquisite embellishments from the kit + one tiny picture using mainly my hot glue gun. I always love layered effects. I am going to South Africa for a quick visit to my mom and dad and I plan to take these with me and mail them from there, as a little surprise.

Thank you for letting me share these pages and cards with you. I would love to know how you describe your scrapbook style? leave a comment and let us know!

love and a kiss

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  1. I love your style, Wilna! And I got to thinking and realized that when my husband and I turn 40, we will have been married 20 years, and our kids will be 14, 12, and 10. Isn't that bizarre?
    I'm going to coin my own phrase to describe my style and that is "vibrant vintage." At least my favourite layouts end up that way!

  2. I would describe myself as Hodgepodge
    I like several different styles and I scrap whatever mood I'm in at the time

  3. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this months kits. Your pages are so inspiring.


  4. Wilna, I love your style so much!

  5. what a lovely post wilna!

    my style? i have to echo vicki. i love lots of styles and call myself a cheameleon scrapper. :)

    - doris

  6. wow, these are all drool-worthy wilna! i adore how you stacked the veneer frames - lovely!

  7. Wilna! Such gorgeous work and lyrical is right! I just love your style!

  8. beautiful projects! i describe my own scrap style as a mix of vintage, shabby chic and glam....

  9. Wilna, we R in the same class together! Craftastrophe. I haven't posted anything there yet as i am in 2 other classes and doing 3 swaps for art groups, etc. I have deadlines for the swaps and then after that maybe i can do my word for 2011. Hoping it's before
    I've been a fan of yours for a your style. Mine is more geometric, eclectic, vintage, and humorous if i can find some funny-bone moment.

  10. Oh, your work is fabulous! I am in awe!!

  11. :)) my style ha ha.. well, i think i have a long way to go to say that i have a style.. at the moment i'm really enjoying the paper media, all the colours, learning, grasping and gasping at such a variety of different techniques... there's whole world ahead of me .. But thank you for being one of my inspirations, respect, Wilna. Hope you'll have some refreshing times together with your parents :)