Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Sampler

I love samplers - needlework samplers, quilted samplers, and even chocolate samplers!  I think it's looking at all the interesting and different pieces put together to make a whole that I like so much. I've always wanted to make a sampler with my scrapbook supplies and finished one with a Valentine's/Love theme. This is one of those projects that actually looks very much as I imagined when I started the project. That rarely happens to me!

Jenni Bowlin's Bingo Cards are the perfect base for each square of the sampler.  I alternated Bingo cards with Core'dination cardstock and connected them together with flea market jewelry pieces and jump rings.

Each card is embellished differently.  

This was so much fun to make!  When ds saw this, he said "You should make one like a calendar with those monthly Bingo Cards!"  Great idea Matt!

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  1. What a fun project - I am a sampler lover myself :)

  2. this is stunning betsy!

  3. So creative Betsy!! You amaze me!

  4. Tina M
    WWOOOOOOZZZEEERRRSSS!!!! This creativity and inspiration is awsome. Thank you for sharing.

  5. My head is spinning -- BRILLIANT!

  6. Oh Betsy, that is beyond fabulous!!! Love it!

  7. betsy i LOVE this
    totally going to make one for myself
    such a great idea!!

  8. Mom and I once saw a quilt put together the same way - so individual squares hung like the bingo card are! This is just a happy thing to look at! Love you - Cousin Kathy