Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage Valentines with Tracie Claiborne

When I saw Jenni's vintage Valentine finds in the mid-month release I thought they were almost too fabulous to use. Vintage Valentine's are all so adorable and unique . . . they make a wonderful collection.

I just love how one of our local talents, Tracie Claiborne, displays hers each February. Many are propped along her mantle while the rest are clipped to a bit of gingham strung below. The mini clothespins she uses hold them in place without damaging them - so clever!

Thanks for the great idea Tracie!
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  1. What a cute banner!! Wish we had flee markets where I live!!

  2. Traci, very cute!!! I love your collection :)

  3. Ah ha!!! I have a collection of the vintage valentines rescued from a house about to be torn down :) luv them