Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kit Bowling

I (Doris) finished layout number four! I'm having so much fun with this kit! It's the perfect color combination for this time of year. It really has me in the mood for fall.
I had a major DUH! moment when I opened the October kit for the first time. See, I save every tiny scrap of each kit until I'm 100% sure I'm done creating with it. I don't even throw away the product packaging! You never know what you might need, but you can see how this would became shall we say . . . messy. Not this month though! This month I came up with the idea of kit bowling! I found this lovely Jenni Bowlin yardsale bowl in my kitchen and dumped all the kit embellishments into it. Then as I made each layout, I just kept throwing all the bits and pieces back in the bowl. Everything stayed neat and tidy and I only lost one tiny flower that the cat stole off a layout in progress.

This is how the bowl looked after I finished the first layout.

This is how it looked after I finished the second, and can you believe it's still that full after finishing #4 up there? I love it! Can't wait to get started on #6. (Yep. I did #5 already, but I'm holding it in reserve for the mid-month reveal on the 15th. Sorry, but you'll have to wait.).
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  1. Great idea! I sometimes don't get to my kits quick enough before the next one arrives and I don't want them to become seperated nor do I want a messy studio so I store the flat stuff (paper) in my paper bin and of course it's labeled the month and the I store the embellishments in a vintage egg basket and that package too is labeled with the month. Keeps my studio tidy and I can find kits in a jiffy.

  2. LOVE that idea....much better than my 'piles of stuff' thing I got going on!

  3. That is a brilliant idea! My desk is covered over with tiny bits and scraps from my creative session last night. I like the bowl idea a lot!

  4. LOL... My cats do that too! Great idea to keep things easily accessible and visible to keep you inspired!

  5. Thx for the tips...a gal can never organize too much. LenaS