Thursday, April 29, 2010

JBS Mercantile May Guest Debee Campos!

Hi I'm Debee ;P

I enjoy making art and scrapbooking in my little studio in San Diego, California. I love using spray paints and my sewing machine on everything I make. My favorite style is anything urban and grundgy. I am a Graphic Designer by day and LOVE to make my own art after work hours. After being behind a computer most of the day I love getting home and getting my hands and clothes dirty while getting creative & expressing myself on paper. And hanging out with Mr.Handsome :) I firmly believe, If there was no art, I'd loose my mind :) I'm so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to share my art with you!

my blog:

I've been crazy over bird houses lately. I have no birds but i do love the little houses. They are so CUTE! I just had to make a little one for my studio. I think it plays well and looks pretty adorable. Love all the pretty JBS papers. They were just perfect with some crazy sewing and fun layers.

It's been almost a year since Mr.Handsome and I ventured into the world of owning a home. We have 2 spare rooms and he gladly gave me my own little room for my studio. :)

I enjoy crafting, crochet and scrapbooking but i originally went to art school so I have so many mediums all in one place. And i also work from home plus have an etsy store where I sell my creative art so this studio can get pretty messy at times :) But rather than put everything away and hide all the mess. I choose to play and enjoy it. My little corner of the world is full of bright happy colors. Sparks my creativity and relaxes my mood. there's no other place i'd rather be.

Thanks for the inspiration Debee! Everything is so very pretty. :)
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  1. oh my - i just want to sit in her room for a day! and i wish i could see that birdhouse in person -

    all the colors are just gorgeous!

  2. LOVE you and your gorgeous room!

  3. so so cool and inspiring!
    (and you look like rachel mcadams's twin in that photo!:D)

  4. Loose your mind?? That would be LOSE your mind.

  5. Happy NSD to my fav inspiration bloggers!!
    Love what you do with Jenni products every week and really love that you make blog entries so often...keeps me entertained, LOL!!!
    LOLena or LenaS

  6. jb kits + db ruiz = perfect combination. two of my all time faves. :)
    can't wait to see what else you make!