Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take a Moment by Wilna Furstenberg

I think being a mom is one of the most dedicated jobs out there. I think you know what I mean by calling it a "job". Maybe labour of love is more appropriate. We tend to give and give and give and forget about ourselves sometimes. That's one thing i learned this past week while driving my girls to and from the Dance Festival. I was their everything. In the process I did not drink enough water, I didn't exercise enough, I didn't have a moment just for myself to reflect and give thanks. So today my challenge is to all you busy moms: Make a page about you and give yourself a moment and some room to just BE. Write down something that you are going through or are thankful for. I know it sounds like a cliche... but we desperately need these moments. I know that just sitting down to make this page was such a moment for me.

Love and a kiss,

Thanks for the inspiration and words of wisdom Wilna!
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  1. unfortunatly i am not a mum (yet), but i really love this! It is so beautifull!


  2. sigh.....your pages always make me smile :) i love how soft, feminine, and PRETTY this is! perfection!