Monday, August 23, 2010

Tree Canvas by Cheryl Ametewee

Lately I haven't been able to watch too much TV...having 2 babies and a business to run has been taking up all of my time...and I have to admit that I've missed it a little bit. Which is why I have taken up stitching some of my projects. Because if I'm sitting on the couch doing nothing with my hands I tend to drive myself crazy by listing off in my head all the things that I need to get done. But if I'm stitching while watching all my favorite shows, I can sort of bill it as a business expense and relax. :) Which is why today's post is about stitching. For this particular project I wanted to make a little one-of-a-kind canvas to go above Gracie's bed. So to start out, I just made the tree out of the brown polka-dot paper from JBS, and then for the leaves I glued on little handcut leaves using fabric from an old shirt of mine that I'm incorporating into all the projects for her little space.*NOTE: I used the Helmar Craft Glue for the paper to canvas/fabric to canvas details and it worked amazingly! I loved that I was able to move around the pieces a bit before it really stuck. Once I had the basic design figured out, I simply stitched over the paper and fabric with embossing thread to give it a more finished look. And then when I was finished stitching the tree and leaves, I created a little bird's nest out of vintage trim by folding it over and over until it looked like a nest...and then to make it look even more like one I first dabbed some of the new (FABULOUS!) JBS brown paint and then stitched a criss/crossing pattern on the bottom. Then I used rubons to add little birdies to the nest...which I used as a guide to stitch around.The last thing that I did was add 3 pink butterflies, sewing them down the middle to hold them in place.

And it was just that simple...even though the stitching took a couple hours, it was nice to have an excuse to sit on the couch AND create for once!
:)xoxo, cheryl

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  1. loooove this! i just bought a canvas and this will make me actually USE it! such an adorable cute design!

  2. This is so artsy - I love it Cheryl!!