Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday (a bit late) . . .

Oh! I'm so sorry! This was obviously supposed to be posted yesterday! Ooops! I got so enamoured with my day off from work that I took the day off from everything. That is so nice sometimes though, isn't it? We at JBS hope you all are having a lovely, relaxing, delicious, and blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family. We certainly count you among our blessings.

This Wednesday (or Thursday as the case may be) we bring you a new monthly feature "Wednesday Words." It's simple really; just a little list of words to help you think about and photograph the season with a little more intent. Here are this month's words:
family, golden, savor, home, comfort, blessing, friends, relax, serve, fall, bake, pie, feast, thank
Just snap a few pictures today that represent these words to you. We'll be back Sunday with a related new (and super easy) challenge/contest/(with prizes)!
The last six words in the list above match our new Thanksgiving Mini Bingo Cards. I'm still holding onto my October Project Kit in hopes of finding the time to make a little mini-album. Wouldn't that be a sweet way to count my blessings?

P.S. Check back these evening after your turkey nap for a little sneak peek of December's Kit!
P.S.S. Thanks Lisa for letting me "lift" your pecans. Wish I had a few to nibble on!
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  1. I made these placeholders - adorable !!! Thinking about making them into a banner for next year

  2. Hi Doris, Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Linda Cummings

  3. oh pam! that is a wonderful idea!

    thanks linda! happy thanksgiving to you!

    - doris