Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Star Ornaments by Danielle Flanders

Jenni Bowlin supplies used: Red/Black Extension 12 x 12" papers and mini papers, Red Vintage Sew On Buttons, Chipboard Stars. Wooden spools are from the JBS November Add-on kit. Other: Pom pom trim by May Arts, tinsel and empty ribbon spool: craft supply.

Step 1: Gather up 2 large chipboard stars, some tinsel and a red button. Cut a long slit in one of the stars.

Step 2: Cover stars with the new Red/Black Extension III line. (front and back)

Step 3: Slide one star onto the other. Adhere.

Step 4: Wrap silver tinsel and white pom pom trim around star to dress it up. Thread button with white thread and attach to star.

Step 5: Repeat with 2 small chipboard stars from the same package. Find an empty ribbon spool, cover with paper and add pom pom trim to the top edge. Place small star inside.

Brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration Danielle!
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  1. Love these... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous-I see a new color theme for my tree this year!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are sooo gorgeous! What a great idea!

  4. Danielle, you out did yourself again!! These are so cool. I love the way you put the picture of the family on the spool. Rats, now i'm gonna need to order the add-on and i've been trying the be so good this month! LenaS

  5. How did you cut the slit? With an xacto?

  6. Thanks for your nice comments! To make the cut out of the chipboard, I just used some older scissors and cut down the center of the star.

  7. This is really pretty. It would make a great table decoration.

  8. Danielle - you are a creative goddess! I'm totally making a bunch of these! Yay!

  9. LOVE the 3 dimensional-ishness of your star -- love the vintage school/class photo. Think I'll try this with triangles as well to make a Star of David.