Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Garland #6 by Betsy Sammarco

Here is my contribution to the wonderful Christmas garland that is being created right before our eyes!
A covered a Chipboard Butterfly with one of my favorite new Christmas 2011 patterns: Carol Index. From the bottom of the butterfly, I've hung a crystal and Rhinestone Charm.

To create the center bundle of embellishments I glued wired ribbon, a paper flower created from the Trendy paper line, and a Rhinestone button together. These 3 things are adhered to the butterfly on a foam pop dot. The Rhinestone Stick Pin antennae are stuck right into the foam dot!

Keep coming back to the blog as the design team reveals their contributions to the Christmas Garland!

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  1. oh my, how gorgeous is this!!!

  2. Lovely! Is there someplace I can see all of the garland sample pictures together? Thanks!

  3. Wow...that is so pretty. I am loving the butterflies on the ornaments. This gives me an idea to do some for my daughter who absolutely loves butterflies....So pretty.

  4. @Lori Hi Lori! If you click on Christmas Garland under the "labels" heading on the right you can see all the blog posts right now!

  5. Thanks Betsy, guess I wasn't thinking that simply. :p

  6. @Lorioh but honestly Lori, that is a great idea - and we may have a post at the end of the month with links to all of them ... :D

  7. Betsy I love staring at this, it's just so gorgeous!!

  8. This butterfly card picture looks so cute ,another different card of the butterfly and o the ornament!!!!have you more samples like this.....
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