Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Our December Guest Amy Kingsford!

Hi There! My name is Amy Kingsford and I have lived in Northern Utah my whole life. I am married to the funniest man I have ever met and am a mother to two very silly, but beautiful little boys, who inspire so many of my scrapbook pages!

I have been scrapbooking and crafting for over 12 years. And while my tools and techniques continue to change over the years, my passion for memory keeping remains the same. I enjoy repurposing everyday items, envisioning creative uses for my current scrapbook supplies and tools and blurring the lines between the paper and digital worlds to add interesting details to my pages and to make unique altered projects.

When I’m not busy being a stay-at-home mom or scrapbooking, I enjoy listening to live music, reading a good novel and hiking and geocaching with my family.

To find out more about me, visit my new site at .

My layout “More Candy Canes?” was my favorite layout that I completed with the JBS’ December Kit. This page is about how I continue to buy candy canes year after year—not because I enjoy them— but because I like having them around as a reminder that Christmas is on its way! The striped-texture cardstock that I used for the background, the frosty plastic mat that I created with repurposed packaging from this month’s kit and a leftover sprig of greenery all went a long way to helping me create the holiday feel that I was looking for!

I took this photo of my son and my husband at Willard Bay, just before sunset this fall. It was a quick shot with my cell phone—but I just love that I was able to capture this tender moment and how their silhouettes turned out against the warm sunset and the cool water.

My favorite part of my scrapbook stash is my collection of notions—especially my buttons. When my grandmother passed away I inherited many of her vintage notions, including patterns, zippers, fabric swatches and a large stash of buttons. Each time I put one of her beautiful buttons on one of my pages I feel like a piece of her will live on in that memory forever.
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  1. love the layout Amy! and how special to have those notions of your grandmother and to use them as you do!

  2. such a beautiful and fun page. can't wait to see more!

  3. Sunset photo is Gold! Amazing how good the cameras are in cell phones now. I love what you said about your Grandma stash...i feel the same way!!! TFS