Friday, April 27, 2012

Positive & Negative

One of the best things to happen to my creativity was the debut of the Jenni Bowlin Studio shapes in the Silhouette Store. I'm finding all kinds of ways to introduce these classic JBS icons into my projects. And because you can customize the size of die-cut you need, these shapes are perfect on just about everything!

I've also discovered that both the positive and negative images that result from the die-cut are versatile page elements.  On this card, I've used the Whimsy Silhouette, cut from the Magpie paper, Compile.
"Dream"  •   card by Lisa Dickinson

I love the image of that little girl hanging tight to a star! Paired with a chipboard button, a bit of seam binding, and a sentiment stamped with the JBS alphabet, it makes a quick and easy card.

I was then left with the portion of patterned paper from which the image had been cut. I backed it with a bit of kraft cardstock and used it on this page:

"Dream"  •  layout by Lisa Dickinson

I added some of the Quilted Stickers from Magpie and a title also cut on my Silhouette. (The title is my own design - you can download an .svg file for cutting by clicking right here!)

I'd love to see what you can do with the JBS Silhouette images! If you create something, please share it with us in the Mercantile Gallery!

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  1. Love these projects! The positive/negative space idea has always enchanted me and you definitely showed it's awesome potential with the same cut! I would have thought that the LO came first and the card after it, but it sounds like it was the other way around, which is even cooler! TFS!