Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using JBS Silhouette Cuts As Stencils by Briana

Okay, I'm nuts about the JBS Silhouette cuts. I can't get enough of the butterfly. I love them all, don't ask me to pick a fave! So far I've been using the cuts the traditional way: cut from cardstock and used as is on my layouts.  I wanted to try something a little different and have some fun experimenting so I decided to use the cuts to create my own stencils/masks. I made three cards on the JBS Perforated Papers and two gift tags.

Here's a look at the supplies and the process.  For the butterfly I mixed modeling paste and india ink and I spread it pretty thinly over the cardstock butterfly on top of my paper and gently peeled the delicate butterfly mask off. For the Lady Silhouette and the Cabbage Flower, I used modeling paste, gloss super heavy gel, and India Ink. I applied the mixture pretty thick this time. I like adding in the gloss gel to give the raised areas a bit of sheen. You will need a palette knife to mix your crafty concoction :) and to spread the concoction over the stencil in an even manner. But the modeling paste is nice because it creates a crisp image unlike regular paint that would seep under the fine lines of the stencil (which is cool too if that's the look you're after, no rules).

If you want to make the multi seal card, in Silhouette, you'll need to open the seal from your library and release the compound path then delete the middle rings of the seal: Object - Release Compound Path. Replicate the first seal (sized at 1.9" x 1.89"). The command is found under Object then Replicate. Replicate it three times to the right - Row of Three. Then choose each seal and duplicate each one below. Now you're ready to cut. Save the two inner pieces for your mask. You'll need to use adhesive that is easy to remove for those pieces as you need them for the mask but then they'll be discarded.

Here's a shot showing you how much texture and definition you can get with the modeling paste. I used it on medium weight paper too, not cardstock, and it only barely bent my paper, definitely acceptable for me. Before I used the paste/ink on the card, I dropped a few India Ink splats then turned the card up and let them run down. After I applied the paste/ink layer, I dripped the ink again (but leave the mask in place if you only want the splats on the damask). Originally I had used a Speckled Egg Paint Dabber so if you see some aqua paint below, that's what it is. I wanted more dimension and that's when I thought to use the paste. It's kind of a nice effect seeing a little of the paint around the edges. But the modeling paste alone would have been very crisp. Try it out as many ways as you can think of!

I accented my cards and tags with glitter tulle, small metal rimmed tags, staples, stamps, and stickers. The XOXO sticker is from the Jan. kit and the word stickers are from the Feb. kit. I also used Jenni's Ranger re-inkers in Seed Packet and Stick Candy to create the various green colors for the seals.

With the butterfly, I allowed a few of the colors to mix together as I pulled the palette knife over the butterfly cut. After it dried I splattered it with watered down acrylic paint in orange and hot pink. But remove the mask right away, don't let it set, it does begin to dry quickly and with the delicate butterfly it's best to get the mask off ASAP.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Silhouette cuts:
Classic JBS Butterfly, JBS Seal, Lady Silhouette, and Cabbage Rose (Damask)

Die Cut and Perforated Papers - Bank Statement, Receipt, and Stamp
JBS/Ranger Speckled Egg Paint Dabber
JBS/Ranger Re-Inker in Lavender Sachet, Seed Packet, Speckled Egg
Jenni's Butterfly Punch
JBS red label stickers
Alterable Alphas Graph
Hodge Podge Stickers - Playful
Magpie Paper Collection - Gather

Other supplies: colored India Ink, modeling paste, gloss super heavy gel medium, small metal rimmed tags
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  1.! briana! these are stunning! you're brilliant girl!

  2. Holy WOW!!!! You are amazing Briana...just sayin.

  3. Pretty pretty. I dont have a die cutter but I have been playing with your punches all morning. Now I might try stamping some butterflies and cabbages with paint.

  4. Ack! Amazing projects! So gorgeous, Briana!! ^_^

  5. Siiigh these are so Fabulous!!!!