Friday, August 31, 2012

JBS Summer Games :: Scrapbooking the Closing Ceremony

Of course, all those games can't just fizzle out into nothing - we need a big party to bring everything to a close!  So today, something quite literal for the JBS Summer Games: scrapbooking the closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Olympics are all about bringing everyone together, so I took a little inspiration from that and tried to bring all sorts of different JBS products - new and old - together for this page. Turquoise butterfly-embossed Coredinations cardstock, the classic JBS label paper in pink, pink embellished butterflies and the JBS acrylic paint in Chewing Gum meet new products like the black letter stickers, kraft tag, text print patterned paper and the perforated die-cut paper in kraft. After all the pink in London's branding of the summer games, it seems only right to include a fair amount of it on my Olympic-themed scrapbook pages!

Seriously, I will never tire of Jenni butterflies.  If she tires of making them, I am in so much trouble.  I'm hoping she will tell me first, and then I'll pull my best impression of an Olympic athlete as I quickly sprint into the warehouse and grab all the butterflies I can find.  I'll need a lifetime supply!  Anyway... I'm off topic here.

While the JBS Summer Games are winding to a close, there is still a chance to join in the fun and have a chance at winning some fabulous prizes!  Look back over the blog for all sorts of different things you can try, and see if your crafting will find you standing atop the medal podium by the end of the weekend!

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