Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Play Scattergories!

We're having great good fun playing Scattergories (and Calvinball) over on the JBS Mercantile Message Board.  We're also getting some lovely inspiration out of these games.  I thought I would share some of the creativity of our players today, so you can be inspired by them too.  Scattergories ends March 15th, so there's still time to enter for a chance at a $25 JBS Mercantile Gift Card!

This first one is our latest entry.  Alexa Gill just dropped it off.   Alexa has made a brilliant graphic design with a soft vintage edge.  You will find the complete "rules" for Scattergories in the link above, but basically, all your products must start with the same letter (naming your products is open to interpretation, of course) and at least one JBS product must be used.  Alexa's letter was "F" and she used (JBS) Flag Banner Stickers, Fifth and Frolic, Fancy Pants Alphas (as a mask), Fabrips, and a File Tab Fiskars Punch.  Alexa said, "This was a challenging but fun game!"

Here is a gorgeous page from Betsy Sammarco featuring product from our digital shop at Jessica Sprague.

A charming whimsical page from Christy Strickler titled with the Red/Green Shadow Alphas.

When the Boy's Away the Cats will Play! by Doris Sander (that's me - I may have forgotten the rule about adding one JBS product to the mix until the layout was done.  To make it legal, I sneaked in a little strip of diamonds from the Red Cross Stove Paper in Red/Black Extension V).

A fun one with a folk art edge from Evie featuring lots of Modern Mercantile.

Gina Rodgers dropped off this fabulous artistic piece.  I love the mixing of gold and silver on this one.  The gold was misted on with a 2012 JBS Exclusive Stencil.

Such a lovely page from Natalie Elphinstone.  Such nice subtle detailing with the Perforated Checks, Butterfly Bookpage Rub-on, and re-colored Boy Meets Girl Mini Pattern Paper.

This one is from Rita Timmons.  Love the dominoes used as photo markers.

A delightful page from Tina Walker featuring lots and lots of JBS.  Here's a look at her "supply" list so you can see how Scattergories works:

Here is my list of 'T' products:
Tan cardstock
Tape (red) Tape (blue)
Triangle stencil
Tattered Angels spray mist

If you're looking for a fun challenge to spark your creativity this week, JOIN US!
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  1. I am so excited to have my layout included among these other wonderful creative layouts!! Thanks Doris!! xo Evie