Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quilt Star Garland

The Fiskars/JBS Quilt Star Garland is one of my favorites.  Playing with it one day, I found that combining two Quilt Star punches can make the sweetest 3-dimensional shape.  Here's how I made the Quilt Star Garland shown above.

I used the Etcetera sheet from Modern Mercantile by Lisa Dickinson.  The colors are great for spring and I wanted my garland to welcome in spring.  The small prints work wonderful with punches too.

Layer two punches together - I always picked two punches from different patterns.  Holding the layers together, stitch down the middle of each grouping.  Sew them close together or far apart.  It's up to you.

Create the 3-dimensional effect when you're finished sewing your strand of stars.  Pull apart the quilt stars so the sides open up and are held together by the stitching in the middle.

Such a sweet garland for the spring.  And fun to make too!

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  1. Wonderful idea! This is so pretty and I just got that punch the other day!! Yay!

  2. Such a great project-darling:):):)

  3. This is seriously so pretty!! Great project, Betsy!

  4. This is just too cute! Great idea!