Monday, August 12, 2013

A JBS Gold Rush

There's nothing quite like the lovely glimmer created by a touch of gold. Gold brings to mind sparkly bangles, shiny coins, gilded treasure, and now, the latest offerings from Jenni Bowlin Studio! 
At a recent retreat, the faculty of my school were asked to take some time to wander through the beautiful grounds of the retreat center, and to observe the little things in the hopes of locating an object to represent our feelings about the school year ahead. One of the first objects to catch my eye was a metal coil, embedded in the dirt. A moment later, I looked down to find a leaf in an unusual spiral shape. Was it a coincidence, or a sign? 

I started reflecting on the significance of the spiral as my chosen symbol, and shared those reflections (as well as a photo of the two objects) on this layout. 
I gathered together my photo and two blocks of accents -- one, a JBS flashcard, and the other, a stitched pocket packed with shiny little sequins of varying sizes -- and stitched a spiraling line around them, adding rub-on arrows over the stitching to emphasize its directionality.
I also added gold rub-ons to guide the flow of the journaling, and backed the photo with them as well. They go on so smoothly! 
I just love all of these gold accents! 

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  1. Jill - this is amazing! i love your journaling and what a cool retreat this must have been. I'm thinking my job should do the same!

    I LOVE your pocket of sequins and how you used the jbs rubons around the page.

  2. I love how you combined the thread and the snips of rub-on here Jill - they look like little arrows going round and round. So clever!

  3. Just amazing, so inspiring...both in layout theme & design. LOVE all the gold, and the stitched vellum pocket filled with the new sequins & doily accents!