Thursday, August 22, 2013

If You Give a Girl Some Sequins

It all started with a photo and some sequins. My son had a wonderful afternoon in the pool with a friend. This led to him getting a minor sunburn on his cheeks. While sitting in traffic, I decided to snap a photo. He had that awesome glow one gets after time in the sun. You know the one...the sort of lazy, relaxed but energized glow you get from summer. Anyway, here I was with this great photo of those sunkissed cheeks. I even had a title all ready to go in my head! All I needed was to choose some products to create a layout with. I knew right away I wanted to use sequins from the latest release.

My first thought was to grab my new package of Doily Sequins. I stamped a grid backgroundwith some Brown Sugar ink and begin happily stitching them to the grid. I have to say that I am in love with the soft shimmer and the texture of the doily sequins. They are so delicate and yet they have such a fun vibe.

After finishing the background, I added the photo, title and the rest of my embellishments. I liked what I had but somehow, there was still something missing. I tried a few things and finally decided it was time to set the layout aside for awhile. After all, I did have an awesome stencil to play with. I set about stenciling with black gesso on a box I plan to alter. That's when it happened. PLOP! I dropped the stencil and the corner landed on the bottom of the layout. My heart sank.

At this point, there was only one thing to do...add more splotches of black gesso. After inspecting my handiwork, I decided it needed just a little something else. Sequins to the rescue! I cracked open the classic assortment of sequins and sprinkled a few over the gesso splotches. They proved to be just the right amount of sparkle. Sometimes accidents have happy endings.

The new release sequins are one of my favorite products right now. How about you? Share your favorite new release products with us in the JBS Mercantile forum.

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